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2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle
2 for $25.99 - The Knot Kneedle

2 for $25.99

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2 of the EPIC version of this patent pending knot tyer is the most versatile fishing-knot tool. It significantly reduces your knot tying time! It reduces the frustrations of trying to tie knots with the smallest tippet and fishing lines and ties the most consistently strong knots. Includes a Badge Clip for each Knot Kneedle®️ Elite!

Get a deal when you buy 2 at once! Have a spare or get one and gift one to a fishing buddy or beginner!

The Knot Kneedle® can tie 25+ Knots all in one and easily attaches to your vest with a The Knot Kneedle® Premium zinger This small tool helps:
  • Those with poor eyesight
  • People with arthritis
  • Those who struggle with finger dexterity
  • Beginners love learning advanced knots with the Knot Kneedle®️
  • Life-Long Anglers who want the most strong & secure advanced knots QUICKLY! 

The new and improved EPIC version of the Original Knot Kneedle®️ has all of the benefits of the original tool, plus:

  • Knurling on the neck for increased grip.
  • Lighter spring for easier pull back to expose the line grip area. This helps those with weaker hand/grip strength, or due to conditions such as arthritis.
  • A wider & deeper nail knot tool for easier and improved knot tying for the nail knot and uni knot.
  • Anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance
  • Passivated stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Slide over spring for a sleeker look and feel

Did you know about the 1-year Warranty on Knot Kneedles*? We know mistakes happen. If you drop your Knot Kneedle, just fill out the form and receive a code for 50% off of your next Knot Kneedle*. We believe so much in our honest angler customers and our tool, that if a Knot Kneedle* is lost or dropped, you will receive 50% off of your replacement! Read here for more information about our Honest Angler Warranty, or to submit a claim.

*Our warranty offer excludes all Knot Kneedle®️ lites

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