Knot Kneedles will not be shipped between July 27 and Aug 9, 2023 due to travel. If you need a Knot Kneedle in the meantime, you can order Knot Kneedle from Amazon. I apologize for any inconvenience.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is The Knot Kneedle®️ made out of?

Answer: It is made out of brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and rubber.


2.  Where is The Knot Kneedle®️ made?  

Answer: The Knot Kneedle®️ is manufactured by Master Blaster Angling Inc. located in Wellington, FL 33414


3. What knots can The Knot Kneedle®️ assist with tying?

Answer: It can assist in tying well over 25 knots!!!! Really, it can and some knots like the Orvis Tippet knot and uni knots it can assist in two different ways! It also doubles as a hook/fly holder for threading your lines. It can assist with the clinch knot, improved clinch knot, Orvis Knot, nail knot, blood knot, surgeons knots, uni knot/double uni knot (Duncan loop), the Albright knot, Palomar Knot, non-slip loop knot, Baja Knot (perfection loop w/fly), Dropper Loop, Albright Knot, San Diego Jam Knot, Trilene Knot, Braid Knot, J Knot and most knots that do not require the tippet/line to pass through the eye to the hook, tippet ring, or lure more than once or twice (depending on size of eye and line).


4. How did The Knot Kneedle®️ concept begin?

Answer: I was tired of having the tippet slip through my fingers while learning how to tie knots to the flies and tippet rings. I would get the knot almost tied, then lose my grip and have to cut the tippet and start over. Very frustrating. Also, many times I would have the clinch knot almost completed on the bend of the hook of the lead fly in a dry/dropper rig or Rocky Mountain Nymph rig and the hook would find itself free of the clinch knot loop! I needed a “needle” to hold the tippet and allow me to “sew” my knots. It has cut my knot tying time in half with knots being tied correctly the first time, every time!


5. What is the difference between The Knot Kneedle®️ Lite and The Knot Kneedle®️?

Answer: The Knot Kneedle®️ Lite is made of aluminum and therefore is lighter in mass and The Knot Kneedle®️ is brass. The Knot Kneedle®️ is now new and improved as it has a slot in the brass rod that is 2mm wide x 6mm long to put the tippet or line through. The Knot Kneedle®️ Lite cannot assist in tying the nail knot. If you need to be able to tie the nail knot do not buy The Knot Kneedle®️ Lite!


6. What sized line or tippet can The Knot Kneedle®️ effectively tie knots with?

Answer: The Knot Kneedle®️ is ideal for 30 lb test or finer tippet. It works very well with 65 lb braided line. If you are trying to tie knots with thicker, heavier mono, which is very stiff, the device doesn’t have enough weight to pull the line through the loops, but many customers like to use the device for the heavy mono. The new and improved Knot Kneedle®️ can now easily grip up to 50-lb monofilament line.


7. How long does is take to receive The Knot Kneedle®️?

Answer: Most of the orders are fulfilled and shipped same day (next business day if ordered after mailman arrives). Most orders will be shipped within thee business days of ordering; Unless, we are doing shows, in which case it is shipped the next business day after the show. ALL orders are shipped via USPS First Class mail which has a 6 business day expectation. Some orders get to customers in 3 business days, some take all 6 business days. On rare occasions, the small packages get lost in the mail… it is our policy to make it right in these rare instances. If it is imperative that you need The Knot Kneedle®️ faster for your special fishing trip, please contact us directly for other options! Note: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all mail carriers may take several days longer. Currently, USPS First Class mail with tracking is taking up to 7 days for domestic orders. The USPS has been considerably better since June 14, 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we maintain our shipping times so that you receive your Knot Kneedles®️ as quickly as possible!

International Shipping is not unusual to exceed 31 days. Please look at the tracking number that is emailed to your email address you provided at checkout.

If you get a "delivered" notification from us and you haven't physically received your package PLEASE reach out to your local post office with your tracking number and ask them to locate the package for you. If they cannot resolve a lost package, please contact me with the information you receive from the USPS and we will take care of it.

8. I live in another country other than the USA, how can I order The Knot Kneedle®️?

Answer: The Knot Kneedle®️ can be ordered from Amazon.COM. It cannot be found on the specific country’s Amazon website. Amazon has shipped The Knot Kneedle®️ to Canada, Spain, Australia, Mexico and the UK. We are currently trying to find distributors in other countries that would like to distribute The Knot Kneedle®️. Click this link to be redirected to Amazon for International Shipments.


9. Why is my promo code not working?

Answer: There may be several reasons. Generally, it is because you didn't put the item you wanted a discount on in your shopping cart. In order to receive a discount, the system must see the item being discounted in your cart. It could also be the discount code has expired. Make sure you spell the code correctly. Misspelled words and terms will not work. If you have done all these correctly, please reach out to us via email or call us to assist you with your order.


10. I submitted an inquiry and haven't heard back?

Answer: We try to respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible. Please make sure your email address is correct. We have received several inquiries and the email address wasn't entered correctly. Adding a phone number to your order or inquiry is also very helpful. We do not sell your information or call for any reason other than your immediate inquiry. 


11. What if I drop my Knot Kneedle®️ Elite?

Answer: If you drop your Knot Kneedle®️ Elite, there is a 1-year Honest Angler Warranty where you will get a code for 50% off of a Knot Kneedle Elite or 2 for $24 purchase. Just fill out the Honest Angler Warranty claim form here with proof of purchase and you will receive a code. within 10 minutes. If you have any questions about this program, please contact us at!