Knot Kneedles will not be shipped between July 27 and Aug 9, 2023 due to travel. If you need a Knot Kneedle in the meantime, you can order Knot Kneedle from Amazon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Why The Knot Kneedle?

About the Knot Kneedle®

Why did I invent The Knot Kneedle®? 

I began fly fishing a year ago because my wife was awesome enough to get me a guided trip through Minturn Anglers in Minturn, CO. I was immediately HOOKED! I began buying gear and attempting to fish 11-Mile Canyon, Deckers, Cheesman Canyon, etc. and realized knot tying 5x, 6x, and 7x tippet was brutal. The tag end would come back through the loop; my fingers couldn’t grip the fine tippet, and slight breezes can make any knot tying an adventure! So, I decided to buy a knot tying tool to help tie the clinch knots I grew accustomed to tying. The current tools on the market were AWESOME… until I tried to use them on the lead flies in dry/dropper rigs or Rocky Mountain Nymph rigs. So I set out to buy a knot tying tool that was more versatile and I realized they didn’t exist. So, I made one! When learning new knots, almost all the instructions show the tying of knots in a manner that you start with the tag end and “sew” your knot into the line.

The Knot Kneedle® was born.

I have used this on the water and it cuts my knot tying time by more than half! I also use stronger knots now like the Orvis knot and more versatile knots like the Uni Knot (Duncan Loop). The Orvis knot I became especially interested in because of its strength, and with the assistance of The Knot Kneedle® you can make larger tying loops and still reduce wasted tippet to an inch or two (refer to website video coming soon)! The Knot Kneedle® is approximately 2.5” long, ¼” in diameter, and weighs 6g. These dimensions are the key to a versatile, effective, knot-tying tool that will enable you to “Spend more time fishing, less time tying!”.

Perfect Size!

Weighing only 6g and 2.5″ in length this can be attached to your vest with a badge clip (included) or can fit nicely in any pocket in a vest or tackle bag.  



This will assist anglers in tying ANY common fly fishing knot. It will easily tie Blood knots, Clinch knots, Improved clinch knots, Nail knots, Surgeons knots, Perfection loops, Orvis knots, uni knots, dropper loop knots, non-slip loop knot, and many more knots and loops. 


It will help you tie knots on the bends of hooks for dropper rigs and Rocky Mountain Nymph Rigs. 


Reduce knot tying time

No more losing your grip on the tippet. The size, weight, and grip strength allows you to “sew” your knots and get them perfect the first time! Remove all the frustrations of tying knots!




1. Thread tippet/fishing line through the eye of the fly, tippet ring, swivel, or lure

2. Grip The Knot Kneedle® slide with your thumb and index finger.


3. Pull the slide down with one hand (this takes practicing a few times to get your comfort grip), then grab the tag end with gripper.


4. Ensure tippet is wrapped snug against brass rod to ensure a stronger grip (for maximum grip strength wrap 2-3 times around rod)



5. “Sew” your preferred knot with The Knot Kneedle® (recommended knots include the clinch knot, improved clinch knot, Orvis knot, Uni knot (also called the Duncan Loop), and the non-slip knot.



6. Practice ensures proficiency and will save you a lot of time tying knots! Tighten the acorn nut periodically to ensure the nut does not become loosened over time.


Note* I recommend NOT tying knots on the water without first practicing. Attempting to tie knots for the first time on the water greatly increases the chances of dropping The Knot Kneedle® into the water. The Knot Kneedle comes with a key ring and metal badge clip to attach to your vest for easier access.