Knot Kneedles will not be shipped between July 27 and Aug 9, 2023 due to travel. If you need a Knot Kneedle in the meantime, you can order Knot Kneedle from Amazon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Honest Angler's Warranty

  • How long does the warranty last for?  

1-year from the time of purchase.

  • Which products does this warranty apply to?  

Any EPIC Knot Kneedle® Purchase (includes the 2 for $25.99, Double Haul, Strike and Catch Bundles)


  • What does it cover?  
This warranty applies to the EPIC Knot Kneedle® being dropped in the water accidentally.
  • What does the warranty offer?  
Any EPIC Knot Kneedle® that is dropped is eligible for 50% off their next Elite Knot Kneedle®. Please note that if you ordered a bundle, the 50% off offer only extends to the EPIC Knot Kneedle® and or to the 2 for $25.99 bundle only.
  • How do I get the code for 50% off?  
Fill out the form below and you will be sent the code to purchase an EPIC Knot Kneedle® or 2 for $25.99 for 50% off.