Knot Kneedles will not be shipped between July 5 and July 13, 2024 due to travel. If you need a Knot Kneedle in the meantime, you can order Knot Kneedle from Amazon. I apologize for any inconvenience.

About The Inventor

About Master Blaster Angling Inc.

The Knot Kneedle®️ - More time Fishing, Less time Tying!

Master Blaster Angling Inc. began on an idea. I have talked to quite a few anglers (and former anglers) who get frustrated with tying knots with fine tippet (or any fishing line for that matter). As we age, we get more and more frustrated as our eyesight dwindles and the dexterity of our extremities don’t meet the demands we put on it. At 39 years old, I was very frustrated tying knots as the tippet would slide back out of the eye of the hook or slip off the bend of the hook. It took massive amounts of time learning, then trying to tie knots. I bought all the knot tying tools available, and none of them had the versatility to tie the knots I needed with the ease I needed. After exhaustive searching, I decided to make my own knot tying device; and as I learned there was nothing like it out on the market, I decided to patent my device and get it out to the market as quickly as possible. The Knot Kneedle® has actually made knot tying fun! And not just fun for the older folk. This knot tier will help anglers of ALL ages. I tie knots all the time now. It is Master Blaster Angling Inc.’s desire to extend the fisherman’s and fisherwoman’s lifetime on the water. To allow the frustration-free-solitude of catching big browns, cutbows, grayling, brookies, and other fish that get people outdoors and active. This is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. Let’s start living outdoors and enjoy nature without unnecessary frustrations. My only apology is that I cannot help you get the tippet through the eye of that pesky size 26 fly!!! Spend more time fishing and less time tying! Happy angling, my friends! 

From all of us at Master Blaster Angling Inc.